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Needle Cast

Molten silver is poured into a stack of pine needles resulting in castings that are very unusually shaped and explode with intricate detail. The castings are solid sterling; not coated needles.

Creating needle castings was the start of Naturally Cast.

The Woodlands

Objects found in nature, such as twigs and acorns, are cast using the traditional cuttlefish technique. An impression of the object is made into the cuttlefish resulting in a solid casting that replicates the original.


Chased Visions

Using repousse' and chasing techniques, copper is given depth and design displaying visions of landscapes and/or ancient petroglyphs. Flame painting adds color to give a feel of the southwest home of the petroglyphs.


A fluid design is carved into a cuttlefish bone.  The carving is then dusted to bring out a grain similar to tree bark. A backing is put in place and molten silver is poured into the mold.

Body & Soul

Inspired by the separateness and the oneness of the human spirit and its body, these pendants meld the soul of one metal in with the body of another.


As I work on a Body & Soul pendant, my thoughts and energy are more peaceful and reflective, and I desire to have that energy transferred to the pendant and its new bearer.

The Cross

The design for each cross is carved into cuttlefish bone and it is then dusted to bring out a grain similar to tree bark.

I offer a special prayer for each.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless this cross and your servant who wears it.  May its bearer remember the cross of Your Son and may you guide them through life's daily trials and tribulations. By this cross, may they seek further unity with You.  I ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son. Amen.

Flame Painted Copper

Using an oxygen rich flame, the surface of the bare copper is teased to control the surface oxidation. This results in spectacular colors. No dyes or colorants are used; only the torch flame.

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