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About Us

Naturally Cast jewelry features the creations of award winning metalsmith Chris Joss. He has studied at the Sawtooth Center, the Campbell Folk Art School, and with nationally renown metalsmiths.


Naturally Cast is a collaborative effort of Chris and his wife, Kristin. Chris designs and makes the jewelry. Kristin wears the jewelry and assists with marketing and sales.

He has been featured numerous times in print and broadcast media, including an episode of Roy's Folks.

Chris Joss creating a sterling needle casting.

Artist Statement


Inspiration is drawn from creating objects of beauty with casting processes that use natural materials. The results are sometimes unpredictable, spectacular, and have an inherent natural quality. All casting is done by hand and only genuine gemstones are used. Classic metalsmithing techniques, along with the castings, result in stunning pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

After creating a freeform casting using the water or needle methods, I must live with the casting for a while. It eventually reveals what it would like to become and with which stones or other castings it would like to be paired.

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