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Here are some links that may be of interest:


Jack Jennings has been my primary metalsmith instructor. His work is truly amazing.


I studied with Jack and other professional jewelry artisans at the Sawtooth Center in Winston-Salem.


I've studied various casting and fabricating techniques in Brasstown, NC at the John C.Campbell Folk School.



I buy my almost all of my cabochon stones from true lapidary artists here in the USA.

Mitchell Dale cuts freeform cabochons and matched pairs from materials like drusy chrysocolla, eudialyte, wavellite, and much more. Quality materials, quality cuts and some unique materials found and mined by Dale.

The stones used in my "framed" series (and some other pendants occasionally) are cut by Cheryl and John Vest. They also make and sell their stone pendants direct to the public. You can find them at many events in the Blue Ridge areas of Virginia and North Carolina. Simply Stones

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